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Salik balance check by account number and pin - easy and convenient way to manage your account
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If you’re living in or visiting Dubai, understanding the Salik toll system is crucial for a hassle-free driving experience. Salik, which means open in Arabic, is Dubai’s innovative toll collecting system that allows for seamless travel across the city’s busiest roads. One common task you might encounter is the need to transfer your Salik balance to another account. This article will guide you through the process, ensuring you can confidently manage your account and keep your journeys smooth.

Understanding Salik Tags and Accounts

What is a Salik Tag?

A Salik Tag is a small, prepaid RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) sticker attached to the vehicle’s windshield. Each time you pass under a toll gate, the system automatically deducts the toll from your linked Salik account. It’s essential to have a working Salik tag with sufficient balance to avoid fines.

How to Register a Salik Account

To manage your toll payments effectively, you must first register for a Salik account. This can be done either online through the Salik portal or by purchasing a starter pack at a petrol station. The registration process is quick and requires personal information, alongside details of your vehicle.

Types of Salik Accounts

There are two main types of Salik accounts you can choose from:

  1. Individual Account: Suitable for personal vehicles, registering under one’s own name.
  2. Corporate Account: Meant for businesses with multiple vehicles requiring management under a single entity.

The type of account you choose will dictate the manner in which balance transfers can be conducted.

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Preparing for Balance Transfer

Reasons for Transferring Salik Balance

There are various reasons why you might need to transfer a Salik balance. Perhaps you’re selling your car but still have a hefty balance left, or you’re merging accounts for personal convenience. Knowing when and how to transfer your balance is important.

Verifying Balance and Account Details

Before initiating a transfer, verify your Salik balance through the official website or mobile app. Ensure the account you’re transferring from and to are both active and correctly registered. If you need to understand how to check Salik balance without account number, such provisions are made accessible by Salik customer service.

Necessary Documents for Balance Transfer

When transferring a Salik balance, you may need the following documents:

  • Original Emirates ID or passport copy.
  • The Salik account number from which the balance is to be transferred.
  • The Salik account number of the receiving account.

Having these documents prepared will streamline the balance transfer process.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transferring Salik Balance

Accessing Your Salik Account

To begin the transfer, log into your Salik account with your username and password. If you do not have these details, you will need to set them up via the Salik website or hotline.

1Log into your Salik account
2Locate the balance transfer option
3Enter transferring and receiving account numbers
4Confirm details and complete verification

Initiating the Balance Transfer

Once logged in, navigate to the balance transfer section. You will be prompted to enter the required information to process the transfer, including whether can I transfer Salik balance to another car, yes, but ensure the vehicle is linked to the account you are transferring the balance to.

Inputs Required for the Transfer

  1. The transferring Salik account number: The unique identifier for the account from which funds will be deducted.
  2. The receiving Salik account number: The unique identifier for the account to which funds will be credited.

Confirming the Transfer Process

After entering the necessary details, you will need to confirm the transaction. The system may send a one-time password (OTP) to your registered mobile number for verification. Once the OTP is entered and the process is confirmed, your transfer request will be in motion. Usually, it takes a few hours to a day for the transfer to reflect on the receiving account.

Monitoring the Transferred Balance

Once you’ve successfully initiated the balance transfer, it is crucial to monitor the action to ensure everything processes correctly. You can check the Salik balance by logging into your Salik account or, if you do not have your account number easily accessible, you can learn how to check Salik balance without account number through their customer service hotline or using the vehicle number associated with the account.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

In the event that you encounter any issues after the transfer, such as balances not reflecting correctly or receiving an error notification, Salik customer service can provide assistance. It is important to have all relevant information on hand, such as the transaction details and the time the transfer was made, to facilitate a swift resolution.

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Tips and Best Practices

Keeping Your Salik Account Secure

Always keep your login details confidential and change your password regularly to prevent unauthorized access.

Regularly Checking Your Balance

This can help you avoid the inconvenience of running out of balance and facing potential fines. You want to make sure you know how to check Salik balance with vehicle number in case you ever lose access to your account number.

Understanding Salik Toll Gates and Charges

Familiarize yourself with the locations of toll gates and the associated charges to manage your account balance proactively. This knowledge is key to not only ensuring you have enough balance but also in understanding when to top it up.

Adding a Salik Tag to an Existing Account

If you’re wondering how to add a Salik tag to an existing account, the process is straightforward. You can purchase an additional Salik tag and associate it with your account through the Salik website or app, thus making it easy to manage multiple vehicles under one account.

Cancelling a Salik Account Online

Furthermore, if you want to streamline your accounts or simply have no further use for multiple accounts, you might ask: how can I cancel my Salik account online? This can be done through the Salik portal by submitting a deactivation request and following the given instructions to close the account and settle any remaining balance.

Transferring Salik Balance to Another Car

When considering how to transfer Salik balance to another car, it’s vital to know that while you can transfer Salik tags between vehicles, the balance is associated with the account, not the vehicle. As such, when selling a car, you can either remove your tag or if transferring the account too, update the vehicle details within your Salik account to reflect the new vehicle information.


Transferring a Salik balance to another account is a process that can be done easily with proper preparation. It’s essential to ensure all account details are correct, verify balances, and have necessary documents on hand before initiating a transfer. By following the clear, step-by-step instructions we provided, you can effectively manage your Salik account and keep your journey uninterrupted across Dubai’s roads.

Regular maintenance and understanding how to leverage the Salik system’s tools – such as checking the Salik balance with a vehicle number, adding tags to an existing account, or canceling an account online – allow for a stress-free and efficient toll payment experience.

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How do I check my Salik balance if I don’t have my account number?

You can check your Salik balance without an account number by calling the Salik customer service hotline and providing your vehicle number. They can help you retrieve your account details and balance information.

Can I transfer Salik balance to another car?

Yes, you can transfer Salik balance to another car, but you need to ensure that both the current and the new car are registered under the same Salik account. The balance is tied to the account, not the vehicle itself.

What do I need to do if I want to add another Salik tag to my existing account?

To add a Salik tag to your existing account, purchase a new Salik tag and log into your Salik account online or through the app to link the new tag’s serial number to your account.

How can I cancel my Salik account online?

To cancel your Salik account online, log in to the Salik portal and navigate to the account deactivation section. Follow the instructions provided, which will typically require you to settle any outstanding balance before the account can be closed.

What are the steps to take if I’ve transferred my Salik balance but it doesn’t show in the receiving account?

If the transferred Salik balance doesn’t reflect on the receiving account, verify that the transaction was completed correctly. Then, contact Salik customer service with the transfer details and time of transaction for assistance. It’s also a good idea to keep proof of the transfer until the balance has been updated.